The epicentre of digital and healthcare innovation

The Digital Health Hub (DH2) is a collaborative initiative bringing together professionals, researchers and companies from the Swiss digital health community and beyond into one place to develop innovative solutions for, and with, patients. Hosted at Biopôle in Lausanne, the most vibrant life sciences community in Europe, digital health companies can fast-track their businesses and projects thanks to the convergence of people, companies, projects and ideas. The Swiss have a long-standing reputation of expertise in the biotech and pharma sectors, along with extensive experience in digital security. As such, healthcare executives and professionals, from industry and academia to patient advocacy, come to Switzerland and DH2 to discuss, identify and bring to life best practices and projects that transform the delivery of healthcare.

Workspace at the Hub

The DH2 offices are located at the heart of the Biopôle campus, a vibrant Swiss life sciences community. Within this international, lively and creative environment companies and people mix freely, exchanging and building on each other’s knowledge and experience. We offer tailor-made solutions to any type of company. Whether you are a start-up or a multinational, a private company, a joint project or still just nursing the seeds of an idea, we have the right solution for you. The Hub has been designed to offer a range of meeting areas and opportunities to learn, share and network. While Hub members can be based anywhere on the Biopôle campus, the 900 m2 dedicated office space hosts private offices, an open space dedicated to start-ups and emerging projects looking to bootstrap, creative meeting rooms, a lounge area and a shared kitchen. Got employees who like biking to work? No problem – we have showers too.

Digital Pulse Committee

The digital health sector is rapidly evolving with a growing list of products, services and solutions including e-health, connected health, e-solutions, apps, mobile solutions, and more. But how easy is it for patients to understand and access these innovations? The role of Digital Pulse is to identify projects with high potential and to bring them to life by connecting them to the right people and providing the best conditions for projects to thrive within the Biopôle ecosystem. Digital Pulse members are senior players from industry, academia and public health organisations, proactively driving innovation in digital health – from research and development to the commercialisation of products and services – and who are keen to share that innovation in a simple and accessible way by educating the public on digital health alternatives.

A strong network of digital minds

The more pairs of eyes you have looking at a problem, the better the chances of finding a solution. DH2 invites innovative professionals with fresh ideas or forward-thinking organisations to come and help conceive ways of integrating digital technologies into the life sciences and healthcare sector. There are no geographical boundaries to innovation and we strongly believe that by enabling the convergence of different minds we can better serve connected patients.

Biopôle is located at the heart of the Health Valley, in Lausanne, Switzerland

Why Digital Health at Biopôle?

At Biopôle, we believe that effective life sciences research and development is unimaginable without the integration of digital health. The convergence of digital and genomics with health, healthcare and society empowers us to better track, manage and improve our own and society’s health and thus to live better. It also helps to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, improve access, reduce costs, increase quality and make medicine more personalised and precise.

Our vision for DH2 is to develop a centre that builds on our community’s unique ecosystem in terms of location, diversity, focus and dynamics, and to grow it into an internationally renowned centre of excellence for products and services development, projects acceleration and knowledge dissemination.

Biopôle SA coordinates the activities of the Hub and offers a series of complementary services to all its members, including privileged access to an extensive network of life sciences professionals and set-up support.

Thanks to the presence of leading research institutes, a strong life sciences industry and a growing portfolio of start-ups, Switzerland’s Health Valley and the canton of Vaud together represent a fertile seedbed for the life sciences. Biopôle is at the epicentre of this vibrant region and mirrors its diversity of stakeholders.

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