Shayesteh Fürst-Ladani

CEO and Founder at SFL

Shayesteh Fürst-Ladani is CEO of SFL a premium multi-disciplinary consulting company supporting life sciences organizations from bench to market. Shayesteh is also President of theInternational Association “Medtech & Pharma Platform” (MPP) as well as Swiss Multi-Stakeholder Association “Rare Disease Action Forum” (RDAF).

Shayesteh is Adjunct Instructor for Regulatory Affairs at the George Washington University School of Medicines and Health Sciences as well as Lecture in Regulatory Affairs at IFAPP/Kings College.

Shayesteh has been involved in reviewing and assessing the impact of European and US legislation, such as the Cell & Tissue Directive, the Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products Regulation, the Orphan Medicinal Product Regulation, Drug & Device Combination Products, Personalized Medicine and HTA.
Shayesteh i is frequently invited as speaker and/or conference chair.

Before founding SFL, Shayesteh hold senior positions in various biotech and major pharmaceutical companies as Head of Global Regulatory Affairs and Head of Regulatory Affairs for Development Products. She received her MSc in Microbiology from the University of Vienna, Austria, and a MBA from the Open University Business School, Milton Keynes, UK.