Vanguard is a free six-month programme run by Biopôle SA and its partners to help promising digital health projects supercharge their innovation and take their business to the next level.

This immersive programme is a unique opportunity for early-stage digital health start-ups to enjoy six months of desk space at the heart of Biopôle. At the same time, they have a community of outstanding experts (the Digital Pulse) on hand – from clinicians, nurses and pharmacists to regulators, investors and IT specialists – giving tailored business and networking support and bringing the world of connected health to life. Finally, a dedicated programme manager makes sure they have the support, resources and momentum they need to achieve their goals.

What benefits does the programme offer?

Companies enrolled on the Vanguard Programme benefit from:

  • priority access to the Digital Pulse group of experts
  • personalised follow up by at least one lead from the Digital Pulse for a specific focus on strategic considerations
  • regular meetings coordinated by the programme manager for broader access to the healthcare network and digital health stakeholders
  • dedicated support from Innovaud for financing, business modelling, coaching, etc., if applicable
  • six months of free access to the DH2 infrastructure, with up to two desks in an open workspace and use of the meeting rooms
  • discounted access to the DH2 infrastructure for the six months following the programme (subject to Digital Pulse approval).

What do the start-ups give in return?

The start-ups commit to:

  • being physically present at the Digital Health Hub for the full six months of the programme
  • following up with experts they’ve been introduced to
  • mentioning the support they’ve received from the Vanguard Programme on their website and in their communications throughout the time they are on the programme.

What’s the ultimate goal?

The aim of the Vanguard programme is to help consolidate the business plan of each enrolled start-up to launch new pilot projects, finalise an investment round or begin clinical studies. The Vanguard programme acts like an accelerator in the design and adoption of digital health innovation.

Who can apply and how?

We welcome applications from early-stage digital health companies or projects with a firm desire to deliver high-added-value work at Biopôle and in the canton of Vaud. The only prerequisites are that you’ve reached proof of concept and shown the project is of potentially impactful clinical relevance.

To apply for the Vanguard Programme, complete the application form below. Applications are accepted year-round but undergo a review process to invite two companies to present to the Digital Pulse (five calls per year). The Digital Pulse selects companies for the programme based on the quality of the application, the project’s potential impact, its clinical relevance and its fit with Digital Pulse expertise.

What happens once you’ve been accepted?

Successful applicants first attend an onboarding meeting to set critical objectives to achieve while on the programme. This is followed by six months of personalised support with a firm focus on helping the CEO and their team to carry the business forward. By providing access to experts across a range of disciplines and areas, the Biopôle Digital Health Vanguard Programme seeks to challenge and consolidate business models and help companies embark on a new stage in their development.